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The“Biobrick Reviews

Project Overview

The “Biobrick Reviews” is a brand new bio-communication tool. You can vote your evaluation to each biobrick. You can share your comments or problems on each biobrick. This website has following merits:

For every iGEMer: You can see ideas of iGEM friends from all over the world. Moreover, you can discuss specific problem of a biobrick with iGEMers. This helps you to think about new ideas for project, or to advance your current project.

For iGEM beginners: By looking at other iGEMer's ideas, you can see the thought process of an iGEMer. Also, you can understand the “Requirements” for good biobrick.

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While advancing our wet project, we felt the is not so convenient for following reasons.

  • There are fully detailed documentations on all biobricks ever submitted. Although this kind of information is indispensable, but it doesn’t mean that this is helpful when we try brainstorming for new project. We want to consider large number of biobricks as fast as possible..
  • We know that there are many high-quality parts in, but on the other hand some biobricks are not of enough quality for practical use. However, it is not easy to know whether a biobrick is really of good quality from partsregistry catalog page.
  • There are official evaluations on each biobrick provided by HQ. They are fully credible. However, sometimes we want to see raw voice of other iGEMers. We want such place to share our voices.

The Biobrick Reviews will solve these situations

Project Status

The website will become operational shortly. We are working hard to launch the website until Asia Jamboree.

We will announce the project status or updates on the website and twitter @igem_hokkaidou. Please check them.


The Biobrick Reviews needs your participation. The more votes, the better the website will become. The more comments, the more useful the website will become. The more questions, the more valuable the site will become. Please get your account and participate in iGEMer's social network.

Also, we welcome your feedbacks. If you find bugs or requests for new function, please give us your feedbacks.

visit biobrick reviews