Team:HokkaidoU Japan/Achievements




We had a great summer. Our achievements are shown below.

Medal Requirements

Requirements for a Bronze Medal:

  • Register the team, have a great summer, and plan to have fun at the Regional Jamboree.
  • Successfully complete and submit this iGEM 2012 Judging form.
  • Create and share a Description of the team's project using the iGEM wiki and the team's parts using the Registry of Standard Biological Parts.
  • Plan to present a Poster and Talk at the iGEM Jamboree.
  • Enter information detailing at least one new standard BioBrick Part or Device in the Registry of Standard Biological Parts. Including:
    • Primary nucleaic acid sequence
    • Description of function
    • Authorship
    • Safety notes, if relevant.
    • Acknowedgment of sources and references
  • Submit DNA for at least one new BioBrick Part or Device to the Registry.

Additional Requirements for a Silver Medal:

  • Demonstrate that at least one new BioBrick Part or Device of your own design and construction works as expected; characterize the operation of your new part/device.
  • Enter this information and other documentation on the part's 'Main Page' section of the Registry
    Part Numbers:
    BBa_K759001, BBa_K759003, BBa_K759004, BBa_K759005, BBa_K759006, BBa_K759007, BBa_K759008, BBa_K759009, BBa_K759010, BBa_K759011, BBa_K759012, BBa_K759013, BBa_K759014

Additional Requirements for a Gold Medal: (one OR more)

  • Improve an existing BioBrick Part or Device and enter this information back on the Experience Page of the Registry.
    Part Numbers:
    BBa_K342001, BBa_K156015, BBa_K156016
  • Help another iGEM team by, for example, characterizing a part, debugging a construct, or modeling or simulating their system.Team:HokkaidoU_Japan/Project/Aggregation
  • Outline and detail a new approach to an issue of Human Practice in synthetic biology as it relates to your project, such as safety, security, ethics, or ownership, sharing, and innovation.
  • Link to this information on your wiki.Team:HokkaidoU_Japan/Project/PHB_Synthesis

iGEM Prizes

  • Best Human Practice Advance
    We are developing "Biobrick Reviews". With using it, you can screen biobricks quickly and can get information directly by other iGEMers.
  • Best Experimental Measurement
    We characterized Ag43 in detail and searched the best condition for E. coli to aggregate each other.

Our Best Parts

  • Best new BioBrick part (natural): BBa_K759004
  • Best new BioBrick part (engineered): BBa_K759011
  • Best improved part(s): BBa_K759005

iGEM Safety

We provide safety information: Team:HokkaidoU_Japan/Safety

Attribution and Contributions

  • Main lab Group of Environmental Molecular Biology, Section of Environmental Biology, Faculty of Environmental Earth Science,Hokkaido university (Yamazaki Lab) instructor:Ken-ichi Yamazaki
  • Sub(P3HB) lab Laboratory of BioMolecular Engineering, Division of Biotechnology and Macromolecular Chemistry, Graduate School of Engineering, Hokkaido university (Taguchi Lab) instructor:Seiichi Taguchi adviser:Ken’ichiro Matsumoto