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Prof. Heinz Neumann greatly supported us with working out our project, all kinds of scientific advice for lab work or texts, or when we were desperate to find a lab space and already saw everything falling apart. We are very grateful for all of his support!!!

On this page, we would additionally like to thank people who are not actually members of our team, but kindly assisted us during different phases of our project.
All other laboratory work, Wiki content, and BioBrick annotation was provided by the student members of our team.

People we want to thank!

Dr. Michael Hoppert

Dr. Hoppert is a work group leader in the department of General and Applied Microbiology. He supported our team by examining our E. coli strains with the electron microscope. He also offered to lend us a helping hand for making some fluorescence microscopy images to visualize our enhanced strains in case we succeed in Amsterdam! Due to these pictures we would be able to investigate whether our alterations indeed cause the expected effects. Even though we did not achieve the results we hoped in electron microscopy some of us still were able to learn more about this interesting technique and observe an expert on this field doing his job. Now one of his pictures of the strain MG1655 decorates our header and all of us are very thankful for his help!

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Svenja Heitmüller

Svenja is a PhD student in the lab of Prof. Neumann and helped us to conduct the real-time quantitative PCR. Furthermore, she helped us out while we were working on the mutagenesis of the Tar receptor!

Department of Molecular Microbiology & Genetics

The real-time PCR cycler was provided by the lab of Prof. Braus. This working group is well equipped and experienced for the analysis of gene expression via real-time PCR. We are very happy to have been given this opportunity. You can find the homepage of this department here.

Ute Ludwig

Ute Ludwig is an employee at the Institut of Microbiology and Genetics. She is in charge of the practical course material and provided us with missing equipment like glass bottles, heat blocks, gel chambers, racks and many more. We are very thankful for her support!

G2L - Göttingen Genomics Laboratory

The employees of the Genomics Laboratory Göttingen supported us by sequencing our many DNA samples. We are very grateful for their help and their patience with us, when a sample sheet was not filled in correctly again!

Professor Georg Sprenger

Professor Dr. Georg Sprenger is the head of the Institute for Microbiology at the University Stuttgart. For in the beginning our strains did not swim well and he sent us the E. coli strain K-12 RP437 and some advices how to improve the swimming abilities in general. Even though we did not use this strain in our final assays we still are very thankful for his support!
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