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Head Sponsor - KWS SAAT AG, Einbeck

KWS logo.png

Seeding the future - since 1856
KWS SAAT AG is one of the world's leading plant breeding companies, represented in about 70 countries with 60 subsidiaries, affiliated companies and distributors. The product range contains a broad range of varieties for sugar beet, corn, cereals, oil crops and potatoes. KWS conducted business since 1856 in an independent and sustainable manner. Net sales in the year 2010/11 amounted 855 Mio €, about 75 percent was generated in foreign countries. Currently, about 3,600 employees work for the KWS Group worldwide.
KWS has been breeding crops for temperate climates for more than 150 years. To us, the breeding of plants means understanding and using natural life process for the benefit mankind. With the help of modern crop breeding methods, we continuously increase the yield of our varieties - as well as their resistance to diseases and pests. As a specialist in breeding and seed production, KWS supports farmers in mastering challenges of the future.

Link to: [ KWS SAAT AG]

Premium Sponsor - Sartorius StedimBiotech, Göttingen

Goett Sartorius.png

Sartorius StedimBiotech is a leading provider of cutting-edge equipment and services for the development, quality assurance and production processes of the biopharmaceutical industry. Its integrated solutions covering fermentation, cell cultivation, filtration, purification, fluid management and lab technologies are supporting the biopharmaceutical industry around the world to develop and produce drugs safely, timely and economically. Sartorius Stedim Biotech focuses on single-use technologies and value-added services to meet the rapidly changing technology requirements of the industry it serves. Strongly rooted in the scientific community and closely allied with customers and technology partners, the company is dedicated to its philosophy of "turning science into solutions." Headquartered in Aubagne, France, Sartorius Stedim Biotech is listed on the Eurolist of Euronext Paris. With its own manufacturing and R&D sites in Europe, North America and Asia and a global network of sales companies, Sartorius Stedim Biotech enjoys a worldwide presence. Its key manufacturing and R&D site is in Germany. The company employs approx. 2,850 people, and in 2011 earned sales revenue of 477.3 million euros according to preliminary figures.

Link to: [ Sartorius StedimBiotech]


Max-Planck-Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Göttingen

MPI logo.png

The MPI for Biophysical Chemistry supported us in many different ways e.g. in providing us labspace by allowing us to utilize the S1 Demolab. In this case, Dr. Steffen Frey from the Görlich Lab needs to be emphasized because he is responsible for the Demolab and as well the first contact person regarding the lab. Additionally, the employees of the Görlich Lab and the Eichele Lab supported us by cleaning and autoclaving our necessary material.

Link to: [ MPIbpc]

Dept. of Synthetic Biology, Georg-August-University of Göttingen


The Group of Prof. Neumann provided our team with all their knowledge, help and lab space they could afford. Not all techniques that were needed are realizable in the S1 Demolab of the MPI. Therefore, some team members worked in the laboratory of Prof. Neumann's group. Beside the people assisting us directly (named in "Advisors") with our task, all remaining employees welcomed and helped us out.

Link to: [ Dept. of Synthetic Biology]

Faculty of Biology, Georg-August-University of Göttingen


The faculty of biology, represented by Prof. Dr. Heineke (dean of study affairs) and Dr. Herbst-Gaebel (study advisor) supported our team by paying the registration fee and accrediting this project. Both is very important, because it gives us the opportunity to fully concentrate on the iGEM project during the summer term with less other courses.

Link to: [ Faculty of Biology]

Göttingen Genomics Laboratory, Georg-August-University of Göttingen

G2L logo.jpg

Göttingen Genomics Laboratory is an internationally renowned centre for the sequencing and annotation of microbial genomes and metagenomes. Its work also covers the processing of sequence data used for functional genome analysis. Methods for determining the size of microbial genomes, for producing plasmid libraries with defined insert sizes and for generating cosmid, fosmid and cDNA libraries are as similarly well established as is high-throughput microbial genome sequencing. The G2L provided our team with free sequencing approaches and helped us with all their knowledge.

Link to: [ G2L]

Center for Molecular Bioscience, Göttingen (GZMB)

GZMB logo2.jpg

The Göttingen Center for Molecular Biosciences (GZMB) is a joint initiative of more than 30 research groups, affiliated with the Faculty of Biology, the Medical School (University Medicine), Faculty of Chemistry Faculty, the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, and the Faculty of Forest Sciences at the Georg August University Göttingen. All of these research groups work in the field of molecular biology. In 2003, a new laboratory building was finished that houses six different groups of the Medical Faculty and the Biology Faculty. Five of these six groups are novel appointments. Regularly, the GZMB and its members are host for a lot of scientific symposiums and colloquiums. With their know how they helped our team in the organization of the Synthetic Biology Day and the panel discussion.

Link to: [ GZMB]

Eppendorf AG, Hamburg-Eppendorf


The international company Eppendorf AG is one of the leading provider for equipment for the field of laboratory supplies and biotechnology. It was founded in 1945 near the campus of the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (Germany) and emploies approximately 2,500 people. Eppendorf has subsidiaries in about 20 countries all over the world. The company supported our team with a generous donation of laboratory materials!

Link to: [ Eppendorf]

Deuerlich, Göttingen

Deuerlich logo.png

Deuerlich was founded in 1807 in Göttingen by Rudolf Deuerlich. For about 100 years the book store was operated by his family. In 1920, the store changed his owner and now the Ruprecht family was its manager. Followed by many years of modernization, enlargement and restructuration, the store was bought by Weiland. Weiland, as well as Deuerlich, is a family-held book store company. Finally, in 2007, the Weiland head company was acquired by the DBH Buchhandelsgesellschaft, which is the biggest book store company in Germany. Deuerlich provided our team with prizes, that were raffled out under the participants of our survey!

Link to: [ Deuerlich]

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