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The signal output of a yeast cell with an active receptor is made possible by the FUS1 promoter. The promoter of FUS1 links the MAP kinase pathway to the expression of a chosen protein by having Ste12 inducing the FUS1 response on specific sites of FUS1 (For info about promoters:

By using the native receptor Ste2-Ste3 of yeast cells, the original MAPK inducing cascade is used to test FUS1pr-protein. Main questions are: What is the sensitivity of the FUS1pr reporter and does the FUS1pr reporter give a quantitative response? To answer this question, YEGFP (Yeast Enhanced GFP) is attached behind the FUS1 promoter to be able to see qualitative and quantitative response in time by using fluorometry measurement techniques. Wildtype yeast strains and far1Δ::KANMX (dfar1) yeast strains are used to investigate influence of the original mating response initiated by the gene FAR1.)