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Laccase TVEL5 from Trametes versicolor


TVEL5 integrated in shuttle vector

The laccase Trametes versicolor TVEL5 BBa_K863030 was cloned with classic restriction ligation steps into the shuttle vector (BBa_K863204). This construct (BBa_K863207) was linearized and integrated into the yeast genome of P. pastoris GS115. Positive Clones with single cross over were identified by PCR as shown in the following pictures. <<<<<<<BILDER PCR (2 pieces)>>>>>>>> The clones were cultivated in minimal medium and induced with 1 % (v/v) methanol twice a day for 2 days. The supernatant of the culture was examined to active laccases by testing the enzyme activity.

Figure 1: Activity test of cultivation (culture 1, 2, 3) supernatant of BBa_K863207. The control is the P. pastoris GS115.

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