People who made this project possible

Project main members:

  • Dr. Douglas Ridgway & Professor Mike Ellison: Concept, instruction, oversight, and fundraising
  • Ryan Mercer: Instruction, technical assistance
  • Peter West: Gradient plates, wiki writer, presentation of materials, handbook writer
  • Abdullah Farooq: PCR, plasmid manipulation, presentation of materials, handbook writer
  • Torrin Lemire: Transformations, plating, gradient plate master, handbook writer/editor
  • Easwar Chidambaravasi: PCR expert, plasmid manipulation, plasmid cloning
  • Rick (Nien-Tsu) Tseng: PCR expert, plasmid manipulation and cloning, wiki writer
  • Tom Patrick: Plasmid manipulation, plasmid loss expert, plasmid cloning
  • Spencer Short: Plasmid manipulation, sponsor liaison
  • Aidan Burke: Gradient plates, gel electrophoresis expert, handbook writer
  • Sarah Haeubl: LB agar/broth technician, handbook writer

Additional thanks to:

  • Michael Feist: web programming
  • Justin Fedor: assistance in fluorescence measurements
  • Dept Biochemistry: providing space
  • Uppsala 2011: for introducing amilCP to the iGEM universe