Alberta Innovates Technology Futures

Geneious We thank Alberta Innovates Technology Futures for the plethora of support they have provided us. The opportunity to learn from experts in synthetic biology and related fields, as well as meeting other Alberta teams during the two mid-summer workshops, and the aGEM convention in mid-September was invaluable.


Geneious   “Geneious Pro is an ultra-powerful DNA and protein sequence alignment, assembly, and   analysis software that combine powerful bioinformatics, and molecular biology tools into one easy to use package (Geneious).” Biomatters, the creator of Geneious, has contributed to our iGEM team in previous years. Biomatters has been generous enough to continue their support for us, and has donated a number of student licenses to our team, in order to help us analyse various sequences throughout our project's lifetime.

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Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT)

Geneious   For years, IDT has continuously and dedicatedly given all iGEM teams an enormous discount on oligonucleotides. We used such oligonucleotides for determining if our DNA constructs were correct, amplifying desired regions of DNA, and changing plasmids through addition of modified primers. IDT allowed us to seek out different avenues of progress without being inhibited by cost or stressing over time.

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New England Biolabs (NEB)

Geneious   “For over 30 years, New England Biolabs has led the industry in the discovery and production of enzymes for molecular biology applications. At NEB, enzyme production is linked to basic research in the cloning and over-expression of restriction/modification systems (NEB). We thank NEB for contributing a number of PCR and other reagents to our project.

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Oil Sands Leadership Initiative (OSLI)

Geneious   “The Oil Sands Leadership Initiative (OSLI) is a collaborative network between ConocoPhillips Canada, Nexen Inc., Shell Canada, Statoil Canada, Suncor Energy Inc. and Total E&P Canada (OSLI).” OSLI’s mission is to fund and support research that helps decrease the environmental impact and improve economic performance of the oil sands. They have kindly supported many other teams in iGEM besides ours, and we hope to continue our partnership in future years

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University of Alberta (U of A)

Geneious   At the University of Alberta, we are surrounded by technologically-advanced facilities that induce forward-thinking and foster creativity. In the lab, we are supervised by leading experts in the synthetic biology field. The biochemistry department here is incredibly helpful and has been fundamental in enabling us to achieve all that we have accomplished.

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