Interaction between iGEM community

We would first like to thank Uppsala 2011 iGEM team, for introducing amilGFP to the iGEM universe. Although we did not need to contact them directly, the data and sequences they contributed to the parts registry formed the core of the colors we used this summer.

We have supplied strains and plasmids to a number of other iGEM teams. Both the University of British Columbia and University of Calgary iGEM teams relied on E. coli knockout strains we had access to and provided to them. Additionally, the CINVESTAV-IPN-UNAM_MX iGEM team used a number of BioBricks first made by the 2007 and 2008 University of Alberta iGEM teams, which we provided to them along with technical suggestions. (Parenthetically, we note that the border issues faced by some teams pales in comparison to those faced by Canadians.)