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We collaborated with team Evry to investigate if TAL-based transcriptional regulators are functional in cells of amphibians and in multicellular animals. Frog oocytes and embryos transfected with plasmids containing mCitrine reporter under the minimal promoter and an upstream TAL-operator exhibited fluorescence when it was cotransfected with TAL-VP16 activator. This fluorescence was absent in cells and animals that were transfected only with the mCitrine reporter (described in the Switch section). This demonstrates that TAL based genetic logic could be used to regulate complex properties in multicellular organisms, which has many important implications for the potential therapeutic use.

We provided parts that were not included in the distribution to the Warsaw team.

We provided additional information about the part development to Peking team.

We were pleased when the Wageningen team sent us a mail after the European jamboree that they were amazed by our project and that they introduced features of our pharmacokinetic model into their project.

We participated in the survey of TU Munich team.

We had discussions with a member of St. Andrews team that visited us. We welcome all other visitors as well.

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