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Signal peptide – transient ‘zip code’ of premature protein which facilitates the secretion of protein in Bacillus subtilis.

YbdN – Signal peptide of protein YbdN in Bacillus subtilis.

ybdN – Gene that codes for YbdN.

YdjM – Signal peptide from protein YdjM in Bacillus subtilis.

ydjM – Gene that codes for YdjM.

BMP2 – Bone morphogenetic protein 2.

LytCB. subtilis inherent cell-wall associated hydrolase mediating cell-wall turnover.

lytC – Gene that codes for the LytC hydrolase.

(EAAAK)n type helical linker – Stiff, long helical linker designed to separate fusion proteins with minimal disturbance to the function of both proteins.

RPMrel – A nine amino acid disulfide-constrained peptide with the amino acid sequence n-CPIEDRPMC-c. Product of screening to isolate peptides with positive affinity for HT29 colon carcinoma cells.

FLAG™ –   8 amino acid peptide tag trademarked by the Sigma-Aldrich Corp. used in attachment to the protein-of-interest to facilitate multiple assays.

PxylA – The region containing the sigma A binding region for the xylose inducible promoter.

XylR – The transcriptional regulator for PxylA promoter.

pTms – A low efficient constitutive promoter in E. coli and B. subtilis.

EndoA – Endoribonuclease that can inactivate cellular mRNAs by cleaving them at specific but frequently occurring sites (i.e. UAUAAU↓AC).

ydcE (EndoA) – Gene that codes for the EndoA endoribonuclease.

YdcD – Antidote that counteracts the function of EndoA.

ydcD (endB) – Gene that codes for the YdcD antidote.