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The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
2012 iGEM Team

The HKUST iGEM 2012 team consists of 21 dedicated undergraduate students forming a large family. This year, our team aims to complete an ambitious plan comprising three key components. We divided our team into three wet lab sub-groups to build constructs for each component.

Our Target Binding sub-group is working toward allowing our biological system to bind with colon cancer cells. Our Anti-tumor Molecule Secretion sub-group is focusing on the production and secretion of the anti-tumor chemokine BMP2. Lastly, our Regulation and Control sub-group is developing constructs to control the anti-tumor activities of the biological system, specifically the timing and dosage of the chemokine's release. These three sub-groups’ work, when combined, results in formation of a microorganism targeted drug delivery system.

In addition to the wet lab groups, we also have members who work specifically on our Wiki Page, T-shirt, Mascot and Poster.