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The HKUST iGEM 2012 team has submitted 18 BioBricks in total. Please click here for our full list of BioBricks.

For the Target Binding module, two BioBricks were built to display the colon tumor recognition peptide, RPMrel, on the cell wall of B. subtilis. In the Anti-tumor Molecule Secretion module, two BioBricks were built for BMP2 synthesis and secretion while the other five were built to facilitate the accomplishment of BMP2 synthesis. 11 BioBricks were built for the Regulation and Control module. They are mainly used to drive the toxin-antitoxin system, which controls the expression of BMP2. Our submitted BioBricks, sorted by modules, are shown in this page.

Among all 18 parts, three of them have been well characterized. They are BBa_K733009, a GFP generator driven by Ptms promoter; BBa_K733018, a GFP generator driven by xylose inducible promoter and BBa_K733012, the cell growth inhibition device. For detailed characterization data please refer to the information of these three BioBricks or our Characterization sections on the wiki.

For the convenience of other parties in using and searching for BioBricks, we have also sorted our BioBricks based on their types. For detailed information please access this link.

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