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Team:HKUST-Hong Kong -

Design - Module

Target Binding Module

Our decision to pursue colorectal carcinoma suppression arose from two key points obtained from preliminary research: 1) bone morphogenetic protein 2 (BMP2) suppresses the growth of colon cancer cell growth in vivo, and 2) the phage display peptide RPMrel confers specific and preferential binding to non-differentiated colon cancer cells......Click to see more

Anti-tumor Molecule Secretion Module

As our team objective is to provide a specific and efficient drug delivery for Colon cancer, ivestigating and designing the way of drug synthesis and releasing is a significant part of our whole project. Hence this module is focusing on the production and delivery of anti-tumor to see more

Regulation and Control Module

Our module aims at regulating the growth of our engineered bacteria B. hercules and the production of the anti-tumor drug. We first introduce a xylose inducible promoter, which can help us control the timing of anti-tumor drug expression and secretion. Our choice of xylose as an inducer stems from its induction efficiency is attributed to its little existence and low absorption rate in here to see more