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Team:HKUST-Hong Kong -


All manifested work for our project, including submission and characterization of BioBricks, Human Practice and Team Wiki, were done by 2012 HKUST iGEM team members.

We conducted all experiments by ourselves, under the supervision of our Laboratory Technician and Instructor, Dr. Jessica Ce Mun Tang.

Team Member Contribution
Project Name: B. hercules
Project Proposal: Sun Fei

Laboratory Work

2012 HKUST iGEM Leader: Sun Fei

I. Construct Development

Target Binding Module

Sean Carim, Chan Yak Nok, Ka Chun Mok, Shi Tianxing, Carson Lam

Anti-tumor Molecule Secretion Module

Yu Lai Cheong, Chelsilia Tanzil, Ilona Christy Unarta, Li Yiming, Sun Fei

Regulation and Control Module

Wang Yuqi, Gu Bida, Qi Yi, Yu Xiaoying, Sun Fei

II. Characterizations of Biobricks

Christopher Lee, Sun Fei, Li Yiming, Wang Yuqi, Gu Bida

Human Practice

I. Interview:

Sean Carim, Wang Yuqi, Li Yiming

II. Presentation to Cancer Fund Organization: Sean Carim, Wang Yuqi

Wiki Page
Leon Lee

Shi Tianxing, Chelsilia Tanzil, Ilona Christy Unarta, Yang Yang

T-shirt Design
Yu Lai Cheong, Shi Tianxing, Chan Yak Nok

Mascot Design
Joel Yu, Shi Tianxing

Secretary of General Meeting
Li Yiming, Chan Yak Nok