Campus Festival

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Campus Festival (May Festival)

May Festival is one of the two annual festivals of the University of Tokyo , taking place in the Hongo Campus. Same as last year (about last year, please take look at page(, we team iGEM UT-Tokyo have participated in this big event with over 100,00 people visiting. Of course, we have made good use of this wonderful opportunity! What we have done this year? Same as last year, we held a few kinds of exhibitions in order to let people know about the iGEM competition.

Poster session

We’ve invited team KAIT japan , Tokyo-Nokogen and Saitama to hold poster sessions about projects of 2011 together with us. Large numbers of visitors have found it interesting that E.coli is an organism with such possibilities! Want more information about our collabration activity? Please also check our Collaboration page.


Alcohol Patch Test

We performed an easy (alcohol patch test) and explained how alcohol affects the human body from the aspect of molecular biology without using so many technical terms. Since break-down of alcohol is an attracting topic, we think many people have enjoyed participating in this little experiment. UT-Tokyo-alcoholpatch.png

Video game

A simple video game was made for the purpose of not letting visitors feel bored while waiting for the alcohol to take effect. It was a game featuring an imaginary E.coli cell and RNA molecule, hoping people would become familiar to E.coli. some of the screenshots screenshots