Judging Criteria

We have registered our team.

We have completed the judging form.

We have set up a team wiki.

We have prepared a poster and a presentation, which we will be presenting at the Jamboree.

We have designed 22 new BioBricks, which can be divided into four categories:

  1. Testing the characterization of the modified promoter pRM being activated by the protein CI2.see the results
  2. Testing the ability of the anticro to repress the expression of the fusion protein crogfp.see the results
  3. Testing the effect of the basic level of expression of protein Lysis on the growth of bacteria.see the results
  4. Our final system.see the results

Several of our BioBricks work as expected. See our result page.

We have characterised several of our BioBricks.See our best characterized parts.

Improved parts.

Here are our favorite improved parts.

  1. BBa_K741001: plac-RBS-cI-T
  2. BBa_K741003: pRM-RBS-GFP-T
  3. BBa_K741014: pRM-RBS-lysis-T

We collaborated with two Asia team, from Xiamen University, Nanjing University respectively. See our collaboration page.

We have incorporated Human Practices and modeling into our design.

We have answered the safety questions in detail. See our safety page.