Undergraduate Members

  • Angela Chen
  • Bob Chen
  • Anthony Chau
  • Asha Kirchhoff
  • Uros Kuzmanovic
  • Adi Malik
  • Isiah Ramos
  • Cara Schornak
  • Divya Tankasala

  • Angela Chen

    Angela is a sophomore in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. This is her second year in iGEM. She wanted to return to iGEM because she craved the experience of working with a group of fellow undergraduates that shared the same passion for synthetic biology. She also wanted to acquire the valuable experience of managing a team to create something extraordinary in synthetic biology.There are two things that make her happy: seeing transformed colonies on her culture plates, or seeing the ominous red ink traced in a shape of an "A" at the top right hand corner of her chemistry exam. Aside from academics, Angela enjoys volunteering around the world. She is able to extend a hand to those less fortunate as well as learn more herself in the process. When she feels depressed, she likes to lock herself in her room with a pint of chocolate ice-cream.

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