Project Design

PUF Project Design

  • Overview
  • PUF+PIN Fusion
  • YFP Reporter
  • Non-Specific Control
  • Experiments
  • Theoretical Results
  • PUF Experimental Design

    In designing our project we based our quantitative tests on fluorescence measured by a plate fluorescence reader. Our constructs were created in ways that best suit providing evidence for our hypothesis of the PUF-PIN fusion protein showing endonuclease activity. Generally, our results were collected from quantifying two main PUF-PIN fusion protein types, a wild type and a mutant type, in different conditions. These two fusion proteins had recognition sites that differed by two base pairs.

    Click on the list to the left to read about each of our constructs and why we decided to do them. All expressions were done in vivo with the DH5a strain of E.Coli on pBAD30 or pPROTet.E plasmids.

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