UCSF iGEM Team Bootcamp

Every summer our team starts off with a 2 week long bootcamp and brainstorming session! Our schedule for the first week can be found below...

Monday June 11, GH-S202

9-10 am Introductions and Overview of UCSF iGEM Program (VERONICA)
10-11 am Introduction to Synthetic Biology/What is Synthetic Biology
11-12 Keeping an online lab notebook with Syapse (SEP)
1-3pm Basic Lab Review (VERONICA and SAMI)
- Using BLAST and Ape to find and look at gene sequences/plasmid
- Reading a Scientific Paper
- Staying Organized (labeling, keeping your notebook)
3-4pm Team assignments

Tuesday June 12: (GH-S202)

10-10:30am Introduction to Model Organisms (VERONICA)
11-12pm E. Coli - Growth, Maintenance, Promoters, Plasmids and Transformation procedures (IAN)
1-3pm Lecture and Discussion: Microbial Interactions(IAN)
3-4pm Yeast Mating and Genetics (VERONICA)

Wednesday June 13: (GH-S202)

9:45 am Meet in S202, walk over to Gladstone(VERONICA)
10-11am Lab Safety Training in Gladstone, Conf Room 264 A&B (HENK MAR)
12:30-1pm Review of standard restriction digest-ligation cloning and PCR (VERONICA)
1-2:30pm Lecture on Gibson Assembly (JARED)
2:30-4pm Primer Design and Cloning Workshop (VERONICA + Buddies/Jared)

Thursday June 14 (GH-S202)

9:30-11am Paper Review and Discussion – Microbial Interactions (VERONICA)
11-12:30 Computational Biology (GRAHAM + BEN)
2:00-4 pm Lecture on Flow Cytometry (PHIL)

Friday June 15 (GH-S204)

10-11am Using Pubmed and Publications Tutorial (CONNIE)
11-12:30 Paper Review and Discussion – Synthetic Mutualism and Tunable Symbiosis (VERONICA)
12:30-3 pm Lunch and Visit to Core Facilities, Gladstone Institutes
3-4:00pm Computational Modeling of Biological Systems (GRAHAM + BEN)