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Our Team


Jianhua Yang

Major Instructor of SYSU-Software, iGEM 2012.

Associate Professor in Bioinformatics & Molecular Biology, Bioengineering Center, Sun Yat-sen University.



Jian Ren

Instructor of SYSU-Software, iGEM 2012.

Professor in Bioinformatics, Sun Yat-sen University.


James Wen

Advisor of SYSU-Software, iGEM 2012.

Ph.D student, Sun Yat-sen University

Membership of The Chinese Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

Activist: co-organizer, TED x Guangzhou ;Founder, WiserWeekend

E-mail: /


Team Member

Shan Jiang

Team Leader of SYSU-Software, iGEM 2012. Taking charge of the design and progress of the whole project.

Academic Interests: the Reconstruction of Biological Networks and Exploration the potential laws based on Bioinformation (Faith & Assumption: Biology can be reasoned though we always see them as lucky or preference accidents.)

Recreations: ice skating, jazz fun, and debate.

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Jiexin Guo

One of the core coder,have coded the kegg network、simulator、gcircle part and the riboswitch part

Yuanhuan Zheng

I'm ZhengYuanhuan from SYSU. I'm responsible for the interface of our software. And I also take part in the programming of the core section.

Junqing Wen

Finishing the first version of this software and providing technical support for teamates. Debuging and improving our program, make it running fast and robustly.

Zong Miao

Founder of the Regulator Designer, also participating in the software design, GUI design.

Qianheng Ma(Nana)

As undergraduate student majoring in biology technology and science,but I am also fascinated in statistics and mathematics. In this team, I am in charge of the software design of flux balance analysis, a mathematical method applied in system biology , using linear programming.

Kang Fang

I’m FangKang from SYSU, I’m responsible for the rFBA-Algorithm of our software.

Shuo Chen

The positive guy from the college of life science. He takes charge of data collection for the whole team. He also participates in making PPT slides ande relative videos.

Huimin Xin

In charge of art design for the team, including all logos and color scheme for the soft-ware as well as drawing and providing images for wiki; T-shirts for the team and poster and anything that you think a vision supervisor for IGEM team that should do.

Yingying Xia

Write the tutorial, assist the vision supervisor, assist the team leader to contact with teammates.

Dengdong Wang

I'm a Dengdong Wang, I joined some discussions in the project.

Peng Nie

I 'm the builder of this IGEM wiki and an online forum for our team.

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