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Our Notebook

1st – 18th March 2012

      Brain Storm & Design Plan 1.0.

20th – 31th March 2012

      Final Project Plan enacted.

13rd April 2012

      The first seminar was held for the whole team, introducing the project to team members.

14th – 20th April 2012

      The requirement analysis of the software was done. The assignments to everyone was confirmed.

May 2012

      Knowledge and Experience was accumulated and the genome browser was established. Seminars were held once a week.

June 2012

      Studying for Final Exams…..

16th July 2012

     Achieve basic function of Genome Browser.

23th July 2012

      Improve graphic display in Ribowswitch Designer

      Improve connection between lines in Network Illustrator

30th July 2012

      Genome Browser: sequence and graphic display synchronistically  

      Riboswitch: Input box ;graphic display vectorially

      FBA: complete sbml DATA debugging

13th August 2012

      Genome Browser:locate gene when input gene name

      Designer:finish SiRNA;merge the code of Ribowswitch and SiRNA;

      FBA: finish PhPP and FVA Solve;

      DataBase: collect riboswitch data; collect the integral genome of G-Circle; TF;

16th September 2012

       Improve each part of the software. 

24th September 2012 —

      Pack the software;

      Finish  wiki and tutorial.    

       Upload our project to github:


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