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  This is the navigation page of our wiki which introduces iGEM project of SUSTC. Our wiki includes these parts:Team introduction; project introduction and safety as well as human practice. The informations are currently updating, please check our page oftentimes to get the latest development. Have a nice time!

Team abstract

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This iGEM team is set up by South University of Science and Technology of China, which is a public institution funded by the municipality of Shenzhen, a special economic zone city in southern China. The team is multi-disciplinary with sophomore undergrads.


The website "Registry of Standard Biological Parts" promotes the development of synthetic biology through providing genetic parts. To expand its influence in data exchange, we found it necessary to build an app client for it. In order to save time in searching BioBrick, simplify the process of selecting classifications, and facilitate changing selected category, we will dedicate ourselves to adjust database structure so that we can change the interface of BioBrick searching into spinner-formed .(need a tour)