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High School Lectures

  In order to promote the concept of synthetic biology, iGEM teams from SUSTC went to several high schools to popularize synthetic biology and iGEM competition. Here is their performance in Shenzhen Foreign Language School.


  Yicong Tao and Zishan Wu did most of the presentation. Here's what Yicong felt after his speech:

   "I went to Shenzhen Foreign languages school with iGEM - Shenzhen B's team members to introduce synthetic biology to high school students. We gave a presentation that was carefully prepared in order to make it as easier to be understood as possible. Though the students there didn't know much about biology, even genetic engineering, they were very interested in our presentation and asked a lot of questions about synthetic biology and our participation in iGEM. In short, our trip was a huge success."

Lecture at Shenzhen Foreign Language High School

Below is our flyer we handed out when we went to high schools: