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Overall project

During previous years’ competitions, many iGEM teams have developed projects that propose the application of Genetically Engineered Organisms (GEO) in natural environments. However, issues of biosafety continue to complicate and constrain the use of GEOs outside the lab. A primary concern is the Horizontal Gene Transfer (HGT) of synthetic genes to natural popultations. Various strategies have been developed to address this problem, providing varying levels of containment. However, the substantial elimination of HGT risks remains difficult or perhaps impossible.

Our project aims to :

- Evaluate the risk of HGT in different SynBio applications

- Develop a new, improved containment system to expand the range of environments where GEOs can be used safely.

To do so, we will rely on three levels of containment :

Physical containment with alginate capsules Semantic containment using an amber supressor system An improved killswitch featuring delayed population-level suicide through complete genome degradation.

We will strive to make our system as robust against mutations as possible.

Project Details

Part 2

The Experiments

Part 3