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KAIST Korea 2012 iGEM

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CHO, Byung-Kwan, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator

I am an instructor of the KAIST iGEM team. Currently, I am a principal investigator of the systems and synthetic biology laboratory at KAIST Biological Sciences. Prior to holding a faculty position with the talented colleagues at the KAIST, I have been a research scientist of the department of bioengineering at the University of California San Diego. I earned my Ph.D. from the Seoul National University on the Bioengineering and Bioinformatics in 2003.
My research has been mainly focused on the microbial systems and synthetic biology and its applications to the production of the value-added bioproducts. Happy iGEM!


SONG, Yoseb
Graduate Student

I am a first year system and synthetic biology master/PhD candidate in KAIST, Byung-Kwan Cho’s lab. I am interested in application of system and synthetic biology to Engineer metabolic pathway.

My works are focused on four areas:
  • Engineering bacterial RNA polymerase to engineer phenotypes
  • Adapting E. coli to live in severe conditions
  • Metabolic engineering
  • HAVE FUN!!!

I am helping 2012 KAIST iGEM Team with some experimental tips.

Student Members

JEONG, Hyewon (Mandy) - TEAM LEADER -
Undergraduate student

Hi! I’m 3rd year undergraduate student in Biological sciences department of KAIST. I’m also now undergraduate research student in Systems biology lab and team leader of team KAIST Korea. I first suggested to start this competition to other students and recruited 7 students to make this amazing team. My research interest is focused on synthetic biology and systems biology. KAIST 2012 iGEM team’s research topic is focused on these two topics.

  • Reconstruction of reductive anaerobic CO2 fixation pathway in Escherichia coli and modeling this system using program.
  • Building switching modules which can be used to control metabolic pathway.

CHUN, Jihwan
Undergraduate student

I am a senior in the KAIST iGEM team. I study biology and especially fascinated by synthetic biology. Outside of the lab, I am a funny guy who loves to hang out and get drunk. However, what I love the most is sleeping. 

LEE, Soo-in
Undergraduate student

I am an undergraduate student in KAIST. Now, I am planning to enter graduate school of the same institute. I’m interested in synthetic biology, which creates noble products through metabolic pathway engineering. Also, I am a member of the iGEM team of KAIST.

LEE, Namil
Undergraduate student

I will enter the KAIST graduate school. I’m interested in synthetic biology. I’m the iGEM team member of KAIST. I think it’s great opportunity for me. I want to research about pathway engineering and minimal genome.

CHOE, Donghui
Undergraduate student

I am an undergraduate student in Systems and Synthetic biology lab and also a member of team iGEM. I like playing tennis and baseball. I am a big fan of Lotte Giants.
I love biology because biologists see what others don't.

LEE, Sulli
Undergraduate student

I am a sophomore in the Bio and Brain Engineering Department and 3rd year undergraduate student in KAIST. I usually studied Biology till I was high school student. However, I have interested in computer science so I am focused on bio-informatics and neural network now.

During iGEM preparation time, I enjoy the opportunity of learning fresh and useful things like making homepage and using Maya or other softwares.

LEE, Jong Ho
Undergraduate student

Hi! I am 3rd year undergraduate student in the Bio brain Engineering Department. I am passionate about bio-informatics and bio-instrumentation. In our iGEM Team, I make some awesome homepage with Suli Lee. We usually work with computers.

I really enjoy our work. I think this iGEM competition is really good opportunity to learn not only biological subject but ‘some skills' with computer, such as making homepage, modeling experiments and etc.

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