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All of our experiments are done in Systems and Synthetic Biology Laboratory in KAIST under the guidance of Prof. Byung-Kwan Cho.

Lab Members

  1. Prof. Byung-Kwan Cho,
    PI of Systems and Synthetic Biology Lab., has supervised the whole project we have done so far. He has advised about our direction and purpose of research, helped us not to drift.

  2. Yoseb Song,
    graduate student of Systems and Synthetic Biology Lab., advised about detailed trouble-shootings and experimental methods.

  3. Juhee Kim,
    graduate student of Systems and Synthetic Biology Lab., helped us with making video clip representing our project by drawing lovely figures.

  4. Hyewon Jeong,
    our team leader, is the one who recruited our team members. She has arranged all our team meetings, seminars, and some hangouts, too. She came up with brillant ideas about the video clip. She also participated a lot in Gibson assembly.

  5. Donghui Choe & Sooin Lee
    have designed the parts involved in Flip & Flop. They also wrote documents for these parts, drew every related figure. Donghui, specialist in designing figures, designed the logo for Flip & Flop.

  6. Jihwan Chun & Namil Lee
    have done most of the cell culture works for the research. They successfully completed TOPO cloning and examined the expression of cloned genes. They also arranged human practice events and gave out lectures to middle school and high school students.

  7. Sulli Lee & Jongho Lee
    are specialists in software and programming. They have constructed our team webpage and team wiki. In addition, they are doing the modeling of our module.

  8. Cooperators

  9. The engineered bFMO(Bacterial Flavin-containing monooxygenase) gene was kindly donated by Prof. Duhee Bang in Yonsei University, Republic of Korea.
    Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2003 Jul 11;306(4):930-6.

  10. The piBR181 plasmid DNA as template for cloning multiple genes is provided by Prof. Jae Kyung Sohng in Sun Moon University, Republic of Korea.

  11. Commercial Sevices

  12. Oligonucleotides have been synthesized by Genotech .

  13. Gene syntheses were done by Bioneer .

  14. DNA Sequencing services were done by Macrogen.

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