3. Public Outreach

3.1 ‘Biotechnologie2020+’ – Poster presentation

On the 28th of June 2012 our iGEM team attended the congress ‘Biotechnologie2020+', the 3rd Annual Congress on Strategy Process in Berlin. This congress aimed to support the development of next generation biotechnologies. A total of 200 experts from science, industry and politics came to Berlin to exchange knowledge and delineate the future of biotechnologies in society. Among these, also 11 German iGEM teams participated in the conference. There, we had the possibility to present our project with a poster, attend lectures, join in on creative workshops and meet the other German iGEM teams. It was an extremely positive experience for us, because it was the first time we presented our project to the public and above all, we had the chance to discuss it with experts!

At the congress we gave an interview about our iGEM project. An article on the conversation can be found here.

Teamsgerm SW.jpg

3.2 Interviews

Our team gave an interview to the research cluster of BIOSS, which can be accessed via the following link: Interview BIOSS

Furthermore, our iGEM team gave a radio interview to Lena Schöneberger of the radio station SWR, a well-known station in Germany. Because the interview has not been broadcasted yet, we are still not allowed to release it on our website.

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