We are an independent iGEM team. This means that we did not have a lab advisor and did everything by ourselves. Moreover, we had no host lab but worked in course labs of the Department of Biology and BIOSS, which were empty during the summer break.

In detail, we did all of the following tasks on our own -
We have:

- founded a registered society in order to be allowed to raise donations
- raised money
- purchased lab equipment/ consumables
- poured agar plates, mixed media, autoclaved pipet tips etc.
- found our project idea - the GATE assembly method is truly our own invention. No professor told us what project to choose, what methods to use etc.
- planned the lab work
- done the actual lab work - everything was done by team members of the 2012 iGEM Team - over this summer, we were the only ones to enter "our" lab. No professor, no advisor etc.
- organised public outreach events, write our philosophical essay.
- had contact with the media
- planned our trips to the jamborees (booked flights, busses, hostels etc.)
- worked on our wiki and project movie

We thank the following people/ institutions for their support:

- all the people working at BIOSS that helped us with our problems answered patiently our questions.
- especially we want to thank the BIOSS Toolbox staff for all their kind help and support
- the Lab of professor Weber for helping us with the SEAP essay, the EPO essay and the cell culture
- we thank Konrad Müller (Weber Lab) for the SEAP test vector (pKM001).
- we thank Dr. Mussolino and Professor Cathomen for their TALEN test plasmids and advice.
- the Media Center of Freiburg University for printing our poster and lending us a camera for the project movie
- the Pahl Lab for giving us advice on the Chip Assay
- Addgene for their superb sequence analyzing and illustration tool.
- all our sponsors, in particular BIOSS and the University Hospital Freiburg, for their generous financial support

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