During the tadpole's development the value of some parameters may changes, that is why we always (when known) specify the development stage at which the parameter has been estimated.

Tadpole's shape

Parameter Value Unit Description Stage reference
L 0.8 cm tail length 47 [1]
l 0.07 cm max tail width 47 [1]
r 0.3 cm head radius 47 [1]
Tskin 35 μm skin thickness 47 [1]


Parameter Value Unit Description Stage reference
Vtail 0.0010 cm3 tail volume 47 here
Vhead 0.1131 cm3 head volume 47 here
V 0.1141 cm3 tadpole volume 47 here
Vskin 0.0041 cm3 skin volume 47 here
Vreceptor xxxx cm3 receptor compartment volume 47 here


Parameter Value Unit Description Stage reference
PX<->Y 10-5 cm.min-1 permeability between tissues X and Y - [3]


Parameter Value Unit Description Stage reference
Stadpole 1.2190 cm2 sum of the external surfaces of the tail and the head 47 here
Sskin 1.1839 cm2 skin internal surface 47 here
Sreceptor 0.0781 cm2 blood-receptor exchange surface 47 here

Auxin constants

Parameter Value Unit Description reference
Dauxin 0.766 nm auxin diameter [2]


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