iGEM Evry 2012 achievements

Asides from having lots of fun, meeting great people, gathering around cheese and wine and lazying around the Genopole gardens during lunch break, we also did a little bit of work. Here is a list of our achievements:

  • We designed a multicellular hormonal system
  • We created an Auxin production (BBa_K812014) device for use in eukaryotes from the prokaryote one
  • We submitted the Tir1 (BBa_K812012) auxin detection device to the registry
  • We showed the first Synthetic ecosystem, with a unicellular chassis (E.coli) improved inside a multicellular chassis (Xenopus)

  • We designed a new biobrick standard
  • We demonstrated it works (still with a low efficiency) and that the protocol have to be further optimized
  • We managed to assemble parts with a very high efficiency using Golden Gate and the GoldenBricks plasmids

  • We submitted an extensive report of our conclusions about synthetic biology in vertebrates, which is the fruit of our long reflection we conducted over the summer.