Wet Lab Notebook – Wrap Up

  • Wrap Up

    We have successfully created working arsenic and salicylate sensing constructs and have shown that they are functional in Shewanella and are continuing to characterization of our arsenic and salicylate constructs. Although the response in our reactors is not as sensitive as we would hope, we have various hypotheses that we hope to test. Furthermore, we are using RT-qPCR, western blots, and fluorescence measurements to quantify transcription and translation of mtrB levels in response to varying concentrations of arsenic and salicylate. We also plan on running time courses to determine when mtrB is expressed in the presence of analyte.

    We are still continuing work on the nah operon. By using site-directed mutagenesis, we aim to make our nah part BioBrick compatible, and we still need to confirm successful conjugation of nah into our Shewanella strains.