Research Presentations

CURB Spring Forum

Cornell Undergraduate Research Board (CURB)’s spring forum is an opportunity for undergraduate researchers working in faculty labs, on independent research projects, or on project teams to share their work with each other and with the broader undergraduate community. We presented a poster at the CURB spring forum of our 2011 project, “BioFactory.” In bringing a poster to this event, we were able to reach out to other undergraduate researchers at Cornell and talk to them about the practical applications of synthetic biology. We hope to inspire future researchers like ourselves to explore synthetic biology as a field with growing promise.

SILS Presentation

The Summer Institute for the Life Sciences serves all biologically-oriented student researchers with summer workshops, activities, and resources; its goal is to allow students to use on-campus tools, and each other’s expertise, to hone their abilities as researchers. This culminates with an undergraduate research symposium that allows upcoming researchers to present their work to other students and faculty. We presented at this symposium to raise awareness of synthetic biology and our work among other Cornell researchers.