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Functional Requirements

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Pollution events can be hard to spot, making discrete testing inadequate as well as expensive. Monitoring water quality is a 24 hour job.
Field Deployable
Industrial water monitoring is needed in remote and rugged terrain. In order to be applicable in these terrains, our device should be durable, water-proof. Being out in the field also means all food for bacteria and power for electronics must be provided by the device itself.
To collect data in isolated locations, wireless communication is essential. This requires digital conversion of signals from our bacteria, so that it can be transmitted to the user and accessed online.
Electrical Output
Our device needs to output signal that is practical and intuitive. Electrical signal is easy to sense, process, and convert to digital signal.
Long Term
To monitor water quality in a truly continuous fashion, our device must be able to sustain itself without maintenance for long periods of time. Frequent maintenance is impractical.
Releasing modified organisms into the environment is a threat to both human health and biodiversity. To be field-deployable, our device must integrate multiple safeguards against escape and gene transfer.