Adam Cerini: Copper team, research, Maker Faire

Marjana Chowdhury: Wiki team, Copper team

Ciera Lowe: Genetics team, Maker Faire, Wiki team

Anna Mai: Copper team, Wiki team, Maker Faire

Yuta Makita: Wiki team, Genetics team, Maker Faire

Nicholas Mannarino: Genetics team, Maker Faire

Aakash Mansukhani: Copper team

Joeseph Mercedes: Copper team, Wiki team

Steven Neuhaus: Genetics team, research, Wiki team, Maker Faire

Kirsten Nicassio: Genetics team, research, Wiki team

Udochukwu (Ud) Okorafor: Copper team, Wiki team, Maker Faire

Saimon Sharif: Genetics team, research

Richard Shi: Copper team

Jeffery Xu: Copper team, Maker Faire

Vincent Xu: Copper team, Wiki team, Maker Faire

We graciously thank the following parties for helping to fund this year's IGEM project:

  • Columbia University Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science.
  • The Cooper Union Joint Activities Committee for funding student clubs.
  • The Rose-Sandholm Biology Initiative to help us build up our laboratory offerings for students at The Cooper Union.

A special thanks to the following iGEM teams and people:

  • Dr. Scott Banta for overseeing our project, providing invaluable advice and allowing us to work in his lab at Columbia.
  • Dr. Alan West for his expertise in copper etching.
  • Dr. David Orbach for overseeing our project, generating novel ideas and approaches to our goal and allowing us to work in the Kanbar Center at Cooper.
  • Dionne Lutz for walking the genetic team through countless protocols, supervising our work in the Kanbar lab, helping organize our Maker Faire table and providing motivation and optimism.
  • Sudipta Majumdar for helping us construct plasmids and patiently teaching us new protocols.
  • Kevin Dooley for help with expression experiments, providing us with a GFP gene and identifying and removing cut sites within our biobrick and answering questions as we became acquainted with Dr. Banta's lab.
  • Tushar Patel for providing us with a GFP gene and answering questions as we became acquainted with Dr. Banta's lab.
  • Jason Candreva for being extremely patient with us, teaching us various transformation protocols with ecoli and ferrooxidans and answering every question we threw at him.
  • Sara Chuang for initializing the iGEM team.
  • iGEM Team Uppsala University for sending us the following parts: BBa_K592004, BBa_K592005, BBa_K592006, BBa_K592009, BBa_K592010, and BBa_K592016
  • iGEM Team ETH Zurich for sending us E. coli codon-optimized Pif3 and PhyB
  • Dr. Nicole Frankenberg-Dinkel for her advice and for sending plasmids pASK-fphAN753s and pTDho1