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EMBO Course Buenos Aires 2012

In April 2012, our university held the first Latin American EMBO Global Exchange Lecture Course which at the same time has been the first Latin American gathering of people that are interested in Synthetic Biology.

This course was held by the second time, but it just became international this year. The idea came from our instructors Alejandro Nadra and Ignacio Sanchez, from the Biological Chemistry Department at the University of Buenos Aires together with Raik Grünberg from the Centre for Genomic Regulation (Spain) and Alejandro Colman-Lerner from the Department of Physiology, Molecular and Cell Biology at University of Buenos Aires.

Here, students from the region were invited to learn and share their thoughts. We had lecturers as invited speakers, including several of the first iGEM founders. Besides, the course became the scenario where we were presented as the first Argentinian Team to participate in iGEM and we had an amazing reception and encouragement from the audience.

You can check this year´s course at

Lecturers at the EMBO Course 2012

The response was amazing, the university received students coming from Mexico to Chile and the outcomes were fabulous: Latin America is a growing region and a great promise for this upcoming discipline.

Among other conclusions arrived at the course is that we are certain that many local problems can be solved through Synthetic Biology. Furthermore, the free exchange of knowledge and technology, which are the basis of the competition, are invaluable for the region.

Presentacion.jpg Bsas2012-Region.png
Our presentation at the EMBO Course 2012.