Team:Arizona State/University Outreach


University Outreach

Around the Campus

The ASU iGEM team publicized iGEM and synthetic biology by placing our QR code (linking back to our wiki) around the campus as well as flyers in common areas. The goal was to raise awareness and spark interest in the student body.

ASU 101

Arizona State University holds a required introductory course to introduce first-year students to the unique culture, challenges, and opportunities at the nation’s largest university. Over 9,000 freshmen take this course their first semester. By the end of the semester, all ASU freshmen will know what is expected of them as college students and how to succeed. ASU’s 2012 iGEM team came to speak in the ASU 101 classes for science majors. The team introduced the freshmen to the new field of synthetic biology. In addition, the team informed the students about the iGEM foundation, about the competition and ASU’s iGEM project this year, and how students can become involved with iGEM.

Passport to ASU

Passport to ASU was on 22 August 2012. Passport is an opportunity to reach thousands of students as part of Welcome Week activities. The iGEM team set-up a table and talked with fellow ASU students to recruit members for next year’s team, to publicize our project, and increase awareness of synthetic biology.