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Meet the Devils

FSE Photos: iGem2012 &emdash; Abhinav Markus, a junior Biomedical Engineering major, is our beloved "mom" of the group. He enjoys cloning and has lately been wanted for his awesome beard. He loves sports and can't let go of Hindi Music. FSE Photos: iGem2012 &emdash; Nisarg Patel, a junior molecular biosciences and biotechnology major, is the cool one in the group. He enjoys debate, sports, and riding flying carpets.
FSE Photos: iGem2012 &emdash; Hyder Hussain, a junior biomedical engineering major, is the fun one on the team. He likes dragons, and is convinced that Ethan likes My Little Pony. FSE Photos: iGem2012 &emdash; Ellen Qin, a junior chemical engineering major, is the sweet one in the group. Her interests include: drawing, running, and her pillow.
FSE Photos: iGem2012 &emdash; Amanda Ispas, a senior biomedical engineering major, is the busy one in the group. She is significantly involved with university activities. Her interests include hanging out with friends and baseball. FSE Photos: iGem2012 &emdash; Madeline Sands, a senior anthropology major, is the superstar of the group. She gave us the initial idea to design a biosensor to use in developing countries. Global health and baseball are just two of her many interests.
FSE Photos: iGem2012 &emdash; Ryan Muller, a sophomore biochemistry and molecular biology double major, is super talented. Did I tell you? He has this super awesome phage dance. Ladies watch out! FSE Photos: iGem2012 &emdash; Ethan Ward, a senior biomedical engineering major, is our super chill "dad" of the team. His interests are programming and listening to music.
FSE Photos: iGem2012 &emdash; Rohit Rajan, a sophomore biochemistry major, is the cat daddy of the group. His interest: being cooler than Nisarg.

Meet the Advisors

Dr. Karmella Haynes

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Dr. Xiao Wang

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Dr. Vincent Pizziconi

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