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Human Practice

Sing our Ideas out Loud

Singing makes everybody happy. A beautiful song makes people relaxed. In order to produce a happy, relaxing atmosphere for people to understand synthetic biology and the related complex issues, we guys make up our iGEM team song. This team song not only introduces our project about the microorganism we used, the experiment we designed and the circuit we created this year, but advocates the main ideas of synthetic biology to everyone. This song can be sang easily by different aged people in variety background, even illiterate people can figure out what it means. By doing so, we make it more efficient for all the publics to understand what we've done and what INFOs we people want to tell them.


I can live with pollutions.

I can collect pollutions.

You are really good, but

I can even make good use of pollutions.

You just say who you are?

Oh yeah, I’m amoeba That would be great I am bacteria

Oh, there come he is Who do an excellent job E.coli turn them into glucose

CO2, NOx, SO2 the pollutions,

Give me more Give me my favorite exhaust

I want more I want more I want more More nutrient

Give me more Give me my exhaust

E.coli accidentally break into Myxomycetes

E.coli you just as such break into my~ life

That is the trial every-time they try to fit to each other

Every adjusting is a really examination,

E.coli accidentally break into cyanobacteria

E.coli you finally still break into my life

Every moment every test will give us powerful mind to survive this harsh Venus

We can live We can live Cyanobacteria can live on the Venus'll be~ like~ earth~

CO2, NOx, SO2 the pollutions,

Give me more Give me my favorite exhaust

Nitrogen Oxygen green will a~maze your eyes

We will change We can change green will replace the barren