Team:UT Dallas


  • Here in these infographs, we've provided a graphic representation of the progress of iGEM's development through the years. There has been a steady increase of teams from around the world with interesting developments in the types of projects that have been chosen. We've also decided to provide how teams have performed through the years based on the criteria expected for the gold, silver, and bronze medals. Lastly, we provided a present representation of what sort of reporters have been made available on the parts and registry for iGEM this year.
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A synergistic approach to biological computing

The goal of the 2012 University of Texas at Dallas IGEM team is to redefine biological information processing using quorum signaling-based biological circuitry in bacteria. Quorum signaling allows bacteria to communicate with each other through the use of chemical signals. Bacteria use this form of signaling in nature to coordinate their behavior. Using three quorum signaling molecules we create unique connections between different populations of engineered bacteria and perform coordinated computing functions. We design and characterize standard and novel modules such as toggle switches, oscillators, signal propagators, and logic gates. As compared to engineering molecular circuitry in single populations, we aim to show that the synergistic approach to information processing leads to improved, scalable, and tunable operation.