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        Both instructors of Team:Shenzhen, have also been acting as instructors or advisors of the two team from SUSTC. As both teams from SUSTC are software teams, wet-lab experiences can be shared by Team:Shenzhen.

        In the Biosearch project, K2 has given some suggestions on search engine and data structure, and also shows great enthusiasm in program testing and spreading.

        In the TTEC project, Yu helped in designing the expression vector and wet-lab works. With some course work, Yu and K2 have shown them the great significance in engineering terminators with different efficiency in prokaryotes.

Laboratory Sharing

    As SUSTC is a very young university in Shenzhen, they have not built their own biology laboratory. As BGI Research Institute has also some terminator related projects, Team:Shenzhen has been sharing our laboratory with SUSTC-B, for the wet-lab part in the TEC project.


    Two teams of SUSTC have visited BGI in July and held a workshop among the tree teams. We also afterwards moved on to HKUST and had a four-team workshop there. As the three teams in Shenzhen are all of their first time in iGEM, helpful information and suggestions have been exchanged face to face.

Lectures to High Schools

    As an introduction to synthetic biology, lecture named "Technologies on Programming Life" was given to SUSTC & BGI iGEMers by K2. SUSTC & BGI iGEMers developed this lecture and shared it with students from four high school students, from June to September, promoting synthetic biology and iGEM to high schools students in Shenzhen.