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Bacterial Anti-Cancer-Kamikaze


This page contains links related to both our project, iGEM and molecular biology in general:


BioBrick parts and genes of interest

Escherichia coli lct operon ([1],[2], [3]) (source of lactate inducible promoter system)

BBa_K112808 - Enterobacteria phage T4 Lysis Device - no promoter.

Characterization of a synthetic bacterial self-destruction device for programmed cell death and for recombinant proteins release

iGEM/BioBricks resources and information

Lecture videos

Standard Assembly

Restriction enzymes and the BioBrick system

BioBrick prefix and suffix

Assembly strategies

3A Assembly

Protein coding

Ribosome Binding Site

Design of Ribosome Binding Sites

Distribution kits - about

Parts registry help page

Antibiotic resistance of plasmid backbones

Plasmid backbones nomenclature

Spring 2012 DNA distribution kit contents

BioBrick Assembly kit sold by New England BioLabs.

BioBricks Assembly kit manual.

Open WetWare: parts fabrication

Parts Registry Primer catalog

Genomics and bioinformatics resources - Updated information about the E. coli K-12 genome and proteome sequences

E. coli links

E coli DH1, complete genome

Escherichia coli str. K-12 substr. MG1655, complete genome

Glimmer (gene finder) and RBSfinder

Using the Registry

Quality Control

How to check a part

Sequence analysis instructions

Reading gel images

Molecular biology and microbiology

AHL. Parts registry page on [N-]acyl-homoserine lactones, molecules used in cell signalling.

Lux Parts registry page on the Lux genetic regulatory system.

Bacterial Growth media

Fluorescent proteins excitation and emission spectra

Other iGEM projects

Brigham Young University iGEM 2012: (Cancer detection, Lactacte sensor)


Cain: Stochastic Simulations for Chemical Kinetics

The Constructor

J5 Automated DNA Assembly



Just for fun

"The PCR song":

"Protein synthesis: an epic on the cellular level":

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