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Bacterial Anti-Cancer-Kamikaze

Collaboration Bringing iGEM teams together


RHIT collaboration

During the summer we have had close contact with the Rose-Hulman team from Terre Haute, Indiana. Our main advisor, Dr. Eivind Almaas, was present at another event at the Rose-Hulman university and came in contact with the team advisor from Rose-Hulman, Dr. Richard Anthony. They began discussing the possibility of a collaboration between the two teams, and 7/23/2012 we had our first video conference so the team members could meet and discuss what we could help each other with.

Our advisor, professor Eivind Almaas, with associate professor Richard Anthony, advisor of the RHIT iGEM team.

We agreed that the Rose-Hulman team would help us characterize our new pLLD BioBrick, and we would in return critique their mathematical model, and make a stochastic model of their system. We had a new video conference in august to update each other, and share experiences about the iGEM project as both teams are fairly new in this competition. This has been a fun experience, and exiting that we can help each other and share experiences across the globe!

We hope to meet the Rose-Hulman team in Boston in November, and to further continue our cooperation. The work we did for RHIT is available on our modelling page.

The iGEM Matchmaker

In the middle of the summer, we got the idea of the Matchmaker. What brought us to this idea was the fact that if you haven't already arranged a cooperation with another iGEM team, it is hard to find someone to cooperate with. We also knew that the NTNU iGEM team 2011 made many attempts to cooperate with other teams by sending out several emails, but they never recieved any answers. So we decided to make the Matchmaker, and so far, we think it has been very useful. Hopefully, you think so too! Even if it came quite late in the summer, it was used by several teams, and we hope it can be used by future iGEM teams as well.

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