Detecting Device

We use engineered E. detect the existence of S.aureus in the environment through sensing the AIPs secreted only from S.aureus, and the report will be shown by the expression of GFP.

Killing Device

The construct is designed to eradicate S.aureus through the production of lysostaphin, which would be released till a certain concentration.

Biofilm Formation Device

In order to increase bactericidal effect, we enhance biofilm formation by over-expression of yddV, a di-guanylate cyclase, which catalyzes GTP into c-di-GMP.


The system we have designed can be applied to the pools which contain flowing water with existence of S.aureus. For further application, this device can developed for medical use.

About us

    The HIT-Harbin team is composed of 15 motivated students across a wide range of academic backgrounds this year: from freshman to senior, from biology to electromechanics. The identical dream makes us together to share a passion for science, stay-up late in the lab and learn. We're currently taking great efforts to make it and enjoying the happiness and sadness it bring to us.


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