Team:TU Munich/Notebook/Attribution




All the work for this project, as long as not stated otherwise, was done by the iGEM TU Munich 2012 team members.

We thank the following people for their support:

Skerra Lab

[ Prof. Dr. Skerra] and the whole Skerra lab

Andreas Reichert for measurements of protein masses

Technical assistants Irmgard Neumaier and Ina Theobald for answering questions and explaining new methods.

The buffer kitchen for preparing media, buffers and rinsing all the glass-ware: Therese "Resi" Wiedemann and Martina Dotzauer.

Campus Weihenstephan

Laboratory of [ Prof. Dr. Martin Klingenspor]

  • Usage of lab equipment for Luciferase Assays

Laboratory of [ Prof. Dr. Wilfried Schwab]

  • They provided us with the Yeast strain INVSc1
  • We interviewed Prof. Dr. Schwab during our brainstorming
  • Support for GCMS for the detection of limonene

Laboratory of [ Prof. Dr. Thomas Hofmann]

  • We interviewed Prof. Dr. Hofmann during our brainstorming
  • Support for LCMS for the detection of caffeine

Laboratory of [ Prof. Dr. Schieberle]

  • Support for GCMS for the detection of limonene

[ Dr. Martin Zankow]

  • We interviewed Dr. Zankow during our brainstorming


Matthias Mörch: Help with the video and photos

  • Student (Master) in Molecular Biotechnology @ TU Munich

David Herrmann: Interview during brainstorming

  • Undergraduate in Brewing and Beverage Technology @ TU Munich

Irina Ivanova: Illustration of our comic

  • Undergraduate in Biology @ TU Munich

National Research Council

Plant Biotechnology Institute

  • Jonathan E. Page sent us a plasmid with the gene for OMT1 (EU309725)

Purdue University

School of Chemical Engineering

  • John A. Morgan sent us the pasmids with the following genes:
    • PAL cDNA (GenBank accession no. AX366866)
    • 4CL (GenBank accession no. U18675)
    • CHS (GenBank accession no. AF315345)