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Welcome to our team page

Team team.JPG
Our final achievement was made possible by the hard work and anticipation of the people of our team.



Team degradation.JPG

Marie Burghard Dipl. Biology

Tud marie.jpg
Master of SOE PCR and SDS-bubbles
Marie is one of the few remaining diploma of the TU Darmstadt and the only one of their kind that made it to our iGEM team.
If you need someone to keep a cool head and a bunch of testosterone driven menfolk in control there is no way around her.
She is skilled in all kind of genetic methods and even knows how to play the piano.

Jascha Dimer M.Sc. Biomolecular Engineering

Tud Jascha.jpg
Master of SOE PCR
Although it required some force to make Jascha join our iGEM team he never regretted joining us. Nor did we.
Together with Marie he dealt with the isolation of FsC and Est13 via SOE PCR and kept up the working spirit.
To start with iGEM was his chance to realize a project that involves going beyond the usual university project limits. We went far...

Adrian Eilingsfeld M.Sc. Biomolecular Engineering

Tud ae.png
Trainee in BioBrick production and god of wikimedia
Adrians objective was the construction of BioBricks based on the fusion proteins sub units.
When time was running short he took up the challenge and started the wiki.
He's a constant source of wicked ideas: He implemented the laser thermometer as labware, likes rockets and owns a 3D printer.

Philipp Rottmann M.Sc. Biomolecular Engineering

Tud Philipp.jpg
Master of BioBrick production and god of overexpression of FsC/Est13
Philipp represented our iGEM team on severall occasions, cared for our public relations, funding and to put us into good humor.
Yet he insited to spend time in the laboratory. Without him the lab wouldn't be the same.
He is one of the alltime enthusiastic kind who always gives a helping hand and makes teamwork a pleasant experience.

Renè Sahm B.Sc. Biomolecular Engineering

Tud Sahm.jpg
God of activity assays
Renè joined the iGEM teams as soon as he heard about it.
In the lab, playing Dota or Pen'n'Paper role plays, Renè is always in search of a challenge and gives his best while having a lot of fun.
With his experience from earlier lab work he was a gain for our group

Arne Wehling B.Sc. Biomolecular Engineering

Tud Wehling.png
Team leader and god of SOE PCR
Arne is a great team leader. He is confident and doesn't hesitate to kick ass if required but doesn't mind to pay attention to trivial matters.
Although he classifies himself as a tough guy and trains boxing on a regular basis, the only one who ended up with a black eye (twice) was himself, after some close quarter combats (sparring). He is extremely dedicated trying to bring science to the people.

Niklas Weber PhD student of biochemistry

Niklas foto.png
Team Advisor and god of teaching molecular biology

As an advisor Niklas always gave his best.
No matter when we could always trust in his expertise and experience
He gave good advice and hope in even bad times, which we had definitly. We are glad to had him as an advisor


Team transport.png

from left to right: Sebastian, Valentina, Malte/Max, Andreas

Malte Blumenroth B.Sc. Biomolecular Engineering

Tud malte.png
Master of competent E. coli cells.
No one else produced better competent cells in our lab.
He also did a good job developing a photometric system to measure TPA uptake.

Max Heumüller B.Sc. Biology

Tud Heumueller.png
Master of translation
Max couldn't spend much time in the wet lab,
so he decided to translate our lab protocols.

Valentina Herbring M.Sc. Biomolecular Engineering

Tud vali.jpg
Master of documentation
Valentina ist not only the "Mama" of our team, but also the helping hand in every situation.
She went almost mad in the lab with Andreas but never left until work was done. In this lab italian passion met russion havoc.
Beside beeing the Master of Documentation Vali also showed outstanding miniprep skills.

Andreas Schmidt B.Sc. Biomolecular Engineering

Tud Schmidt.JPG
Team leader and master of improvisation
A russian dictator is nothing compared to this lab worker. Chaos seems to be a normal thing for Andi and a lab without chaos wouldn't be challenging
enough. But he is also the only one who succeeds to find the right sample in the right moment.
Andreas basically lived in the lab for many weeks.

Sebastian Palluk B.Sc. Biology

Tud palluk.png
Master of mutagenic PCR
Sebastian managed it to eliminate the PstI restriction site in tctA 505aa trying only one time, while others spent weeks fighting against it.
He also managed to fight against the "normal" chaos in our lab and spent many hours discussing strategies and design of new primers with Andreas.
Sebastian was representing biologists in our lab, surrounded by chemists and biomolecular engineers.



Sascha Hein B.Sc. Biomolecular Engineering

Team leader and god of GLP
Sascha is a certified biological technical assistant and decided to lead the metabolism team.
His internalized skills and knowledge on a variety of methods make him essential for succesfull labwork.
He even went so far to be ready to sleep over at the lab.

Sven Rumpf B.Sc. Chemistry

Tud rumpf.jpg
Master of gel leak-proof gel chambers
Sven took iGEM as a chance to expand his skills on biotechnology.
Nevertheless he taught us to assemble an SDS-PAGE that
could withstand thousands of liters of resolving and stacking gel.

Daniel Sachs B.Sc. Biomolecular Engineering

Tud Sachs.png
Master of colony picking
Daniel is the perfect man for colony PCR.
Unfortunately his transformation and ligation skills are afflicted
by his tendency to lose tubes with plasmid DNA in his ice box.

Material Science


Jonas von Irmer B.Sc. Chemistry

Tud Jonas v Irmer.JPG
Team leader, god of AFM and synthesis
Jonas evolved from a mere spectator to team leader. Showing an enormous desire to make a contribution.
As a chemist he provided crucial skills and synthesised PET analoga.
His endurance using the AFM lead to beautiful pictures but also a big pile of broken cantilevers.

Henner Zirpel M.Sc. Chemistry

Tud zirpel.jpg
Master of the vanishing product
Henner lead the team until he began his studies abroad.
He took care of PET synthesis being the first one ever to evaporate PET at a temperature of 170 °C
Nevertheless he was an excellent companion and pleasant to work with.


Team simulation.png

Sven Jager M.Sc. Biomolecular Engineering

Tud SvenJager.png
God of simulation
Sven turned out to be our personal genius on simulation and modeling. When he presented his first data we were stunned and pretty
much didn't know what to say. As a consequence he reduced his data to a threshold that common people understand (images).
Even though he usually evites lab work he ended up performing the GC-MS measurements with great success.

Henrik Cordes M.Sc. Biomolecular Engineering

Tud HenrikCordes.jpg
Under the watchful eyes of Sven Henrik performed homology modelings and MD simulations
for the iGEM Frankfurt team as well as for our team.
Some computers couldn't take it (crashed) but it was worth it ....


Team wiki.JPG

Patrick Boba PhD Biology (Bioinformatics)

Tud Patrick.png
Patrick was pretty much dragged into this mess.
He helped setting up and proofread the modeling section
and expanded his fields of operations when the time ran short.

Adrian Eilingsfeld M.Sc. Biomolecular Engineering

Tud ae.png
God of Wiki
Adrian pretty much pulled the short straw and ended up with the wiki and all its wonderful side effects:
Sleep deprivation, mood swings, spontaneous burst of laughter and the infinite wisdom on ditching the wiki task next time it crosses his path.
He is our secret weapon. He can be used in the dry and in the wet lab, always giving his best.

Human Resources & Coordination

Team coordination 2.png

Henrik Cordes M.Sc. Biomolecular Engineering

Tud HenrikCordes.jpg
Project management and activity assignment
Henrik was one of the first to come up with the idea to enter the iGEM competition.
He soon started coordinating and setting up the team.

Philipp Rottmann M.Sc. Biomolecular Engineering

Tud Philipp.jpg
Master of public relations
Philipp represented our iGEM team on severall occasions, cared for our public relations and funding.
He performed sparkling during our human practices and attracted the crowds like nobody else.
He is one of the alltime enthusiastic kind who always gives a helping hand and makes teamwork a pleasant experience.


Patrick Boba (PhD, Biology/Bioinformatics)

Niklas Weber (PhD, Biochemistry)

Björn Steinmann (PhD, Biochemistry)

Christian Dietz (AFM measurements)

Marek Janko (AFM measurements)

Dr. Tobias Meckel (Physics of biomembranes) (The result of our hard work and commitment)

Thanks for collaborating with us!

If there are any concerns on who did what feel free to take a look at the attributions.