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Special thanks go to the following people for their support and their contribution to our project.


Anna Bergauer (Highschool teacher) for her friendly support and the motivational work with her class to participate on our lab course

Prof. Dr. Adam Bertl (Yeast Membrane Biology) for his friendly support and his equipment (e.g. XXL-SDS page)

Prof. Dr. Gerd Buntkowsky (Physical Chemistry of Condensed Matter) for supporting us with the Yasara Software Package for our modeling approach

Dr. Brigitte Hertel (Plant Membrane Biophysics) for the inauguration and sample preparation for EDX

Prof. Dr. Kay Hamacher (Computational Biology and Simulation) for his support in computational science, modelling and the calculation capacity of his cluster

PD Dr. Stefan Immel (Organic Chemistry) for lending us chemical equipment

Prof. Dr. Johannes Jager (Waste Engineering) for his information on waste flow analysis (PET) in germany

PD Dr. Arnulf Kletzin (Sulfur Biochemistry and Microbial Bioenergetics) for lending us equipment, his skills and teaching us new methods

Prof. Dr. Harald Kolmar (Biochemistry) for providing us with a laboratory, materials and his superb phds

Prof. Dr. Matthias Rehahn (Macromolecular Chemistry) for providing our material science team laboratory space

AOR. Dr. Thomas Schiedek (Hydrogeology) for helping us with gas chromatographic (GC) and mass spectrometric (MS) analysis, method development and technical support

Prof. Dr. Jörg Simon (Microbial Energy Conversion and Biotechnology) for lending us his ultracentrifuge equipment and teaching us the protein purification via strep-tag technology

Prof. Dr. Katja Schmitz (Chemical Biology) for lending us her ELISA Reader and SEC GPC for protein purification

Prof. Dr. Robert Stark (Physics of Surfaces) for providing us with an AFM and the information on how to use it

Dr. Klaus J. Wannowius (Merck TU-Darmstadt Junior Lab) for providing us with lab coats and advices for our lab course with highschool students.

Prof. Dr. Heribert Warzecha (Plant Biotechnology and Metabolic Engineering) for managing our finances, the team, the second laboratory and the orders

External Contributors

Ursula Frühwein (Hochschuldidaktische Arbeitsstelle)

Carolin Groß (Environmental Science)

Kathrin Jager (Environmental Science)

Jan-Peter Kleinhans (Hochschuldidaktische Arbeitsstelle)

Inessa Popova (Grafics & Design)

Vanessa Parra Sanchez (Philosophy & Ethics)

Anja Pflug (Biology & Applied philosophy)

Thanks for collaborating with us!