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Before June

We hold a journal club to give everybody a chance to present what they have learnt from paper. According to this activity, all of us have learnt a lot knowledge about synthetic biology and known the frontiers of science.


Before our team decides to make a transcription terminator efficiency calculator which is our project for igem, we held a brainstorm to find an idea which can become our project and will work, which everyone propose many impressive ideas. Then, we are going to see what are proposed.

First, a software called “Potbear” design by Xianggeng Liu, Yao Chen, and Zishan Woo. It is an all-in-one software, which can deal with all things about genes that you want to create. Users can choose promoter, ribosome binding site, terminator and other functional biobricks in themselves’ ways that they want. In some way, it is a friendly and strong database.

Secondly, Liuxing Shen and Mengshi Zhang want to design and create a new organelle which can translate electric signal to RNA and memorize information by using reverse transcriptase. It can produce products that other kind of cells can do by input different electric signal, like Taxol. Besides, the organelle is expected to live in cancer cells or E.coli cells.

Finally, the idea which we make true designed by Boyu Qie and Shui Jing is TTEC, in other words, transcription terminator efficiency calculator. Users can use it online or download by PC. The main function of TTEC is that calculate the terminators’ user offered efficiency. Besides, it also provides a terminator database for users to select terminator they need.

After thinking and talking, we decide to make true TTEC, and we finish it successfully.