High School Visits

After participating in the iGEM competition, all of us had an idea of what synthetic biology was and what it could do for human. We thought it was our responsibility to let the public know more about synthetic biology and have a rational understanding of it. So we went to three high schools to hold lectures. We hoped that those students would then introduce synthetic biology to others, just like Pay It Forward.

In the lecture, we introduced synthetic biology and iGEM. When introducing synthetic biology, we emphasized the idea of standardization. We also delivered an idea that synthetic biology is not creating life but creating life for practical purposes. What’s more, we showed students the application and research achievements of synthetic biology. After talking about synthetic biology, we introduced iGEM. We showed them some interesting project and invited them to participate in the competition.

In the Q&A time, those students asked many questions.Here we listed three kind of questions that most students asked:

1. questions about the safety and ethic issues.

2. questions about the difference between synthetic biology and genetic engineering

3. questions about iGEM competition

Pro He answered all the questions patiently based on his understanding of synthetic biology. Students clapped for his beautiful and scientific answers. After the lecture, many students showed interest in High School iGEM competition. We introduced details of iGEM competition to them and welcome them to our school to have some corporation. SUSTC-Shenzhen-A team made a handbook of synthetic biology. The biology club member in Shenzhen High School took more than 100 handbooks, saying that they want to introduce synthetic biology to others. Hearing this, we felt so happy because it was really like Pay It Forward.

We hoped that more and more people have an understanding of synthetic biology and participate in the field of synthetic biology.

South University of Science and Technology of China