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Bacterial Anti-Cancer-Kamikaze
Judge looking for an overview of what we have done?
We suggest you start off by reading through the Achievements section. There you will find an overview of the criteria we have fulfilled with links to the relevant documentation.
  • Our project

    Read the description of our project, Bacterial Anti-Cancer Kamikaze.

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  • Achievements

    See how we have fulfilled the judging criteria.

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  • Experiments and results

    See how we tested our components and what results we got.

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  • Collaboration

    We collaborated with the RHIT iGEM team.

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  • Modelling

    We created a stochastic model of our genetic circuit.

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  • Matchmaker

    We created a tool to make it easy for all iGEM teams to find other teams to collaborate with.

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  • Human practices

    We brought synthetic biology to high schools students at NTNU's Researchers' Night.

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  • Press coverage

    We have received attention in the media.

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Countdown to the European jamboree:

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